My Cat, My Queen…

Abdul Kader
2 min readDec 13, 2021


A little fat

But cute is my cat

Always curious

More furious

She grins easily

frowns quickly

Gazes frequently

She likes to eat a lot

Sleep a lot

And lie often with open eyes

She knows everyone

But isn’t a friend to anyone

She knows everything

But tells nothing

She is a dude

No nonsense

With attitude

She likes to raise her hand

But will never shake a hand

She talks silently

But whispers loudly

And walks proudly

She is the queen

She is the one

Who rules

Who owns

Who commands

My heart

My house

My life….

I’m his friend

And she is my companion

She is enough for me

I’m sufficient for her

We both

Live and laugh and love

We both are alone but together…

We both are separated but United

We both are opposite but the same…

She is sweet yet stubborn

And I’m tough yet vulnerable

She is a little mean though

And I’m a little shrewd

I like to tease and please and pamper her

She likes to ignore and ignore and just ignore….

Yet she is the world to me

And I have no option

But to surrender and bow and abide

As she is the Queen

My Queen

And she still considers me as a servant

Not the king….



Abdul Kader

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