It worked for my parents. My sister had an arranged marriage recently. 70% of the Indians have arranged marriages. But arrange marriages work. But it'll never work for me. I'll never marry someone whom I never met. It'll never work for a shy and introvert person like me.

Love marriages are still taboo. It's even difficult to have female friends here. A person who has love marriage is looked upon differently. Mostly Indian mothers are very possessive in nature. They want a daughter in law who is nice but submissive. Mother in laws wants to dominate here. Control the kitchen and everything. She feels her son would forget her once his son is in love.

For this particular reason I hate the environment I stay. I disliked this environment where no one is allowed to choose the person he wants to spend the rest of their life.

I always loved how people in western countries particularly US openly Express love and are free to choose thier partner. In fact I was writing an article on the topic "How people in US are better in expressing & making love than the rest of the world" but I didn't complete it. Now I feel I should complete it..........



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Abdul Kader

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