Isolated, Imprisoned & Trapped

Abdul Kader
1 min readJan 19, 2022


Photo by Ludovica Dri on Unsplash

I’m isolated.

I’m imprisoned.

I’m trapped.

Everything is out of control.


my heart

my mind

my soul

my thoughts.

Every minute

Different thoughts wrestle

Different emotions check-in

Different feelings party

I grapple

I wrestle

And in the end, I gulp everything.

I see what nobody believes in

I experience what nobody understands

I hear what no one could listen

I take what no one can’t

I’m stuck

In a storm of emotions

I’m dancing

In the rain of pain

I’m climbing

A mountain of sorrow

I’m swimming

In a pool of guilt

Behind is a dark past

At the front, a bleak future

A present filled with hopelessness

Every step of mine is on a boggy path

One step here or there

I could break


Or Crumble

But I’m standing

Like a strong tree

But I could fall

Like a leaf

But I want to fall in the right hands

But nobody is ready

To catch me

It seems like the end.

I’m burning


Every minute

And every bit of me

Is vanishing in the air like a smoke

They say

It’s like a war.

between me and mind and my thoughts.

And I might win this war

But I’ll lose myself…



Abdul Kader

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