I'm sorry to know about passing of your father. He definitely loved you so much. Behind his every word love & care was hidden. Some people never express their love. Or it's really difficult for some people to say "I Love you" I'm one of them too.

This was so emotional read. The best article I read in months.

And I love that photo of yours. Even at 48 you're so charming. I wish I could meet or see a young Deborah....please pardon me for this. But I seriously want to see or know more about younger Deborah.

I'm also curious to know how you decided to get married at the age of 48. Was it a love marriage? Sorry for asking personal questions. But reading this makes me so happy. Here I'm 32 and struggling to prepare my mind for marriage and you did at the of 48. This could serve a big inspiration for me..........

thanks Deborah for this lovely article. And good to know about your loving and caring dad. I wish I could get the same love from my dad. But unfortunately I'd very few conversations with my dad. I never got my father's love. When I was 7 years old, he met with a terrible accident and since then was bed ridden or could only walk with a stick. In his last days, I couldn't talk to him and he passed away in his sleep and I was far away........I still miss him...........



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