Hi Deborah!
I'm doing good. I hope you're doing good as well. No issues dear🤗 I understand you're super busy. I love sliding into dms and check how my connections are doing. Sorry to keep you troubling every now and then.

I'll make sure I check those videos of Ja. Basketball is an exciting game and players like Ja make them more enjoyable. I'll definitely watch him play.

Yes! The situation is really horrible. We're yet to fully recover from pandemic and now this war. This is really painfull. Innocent people always pay the price. I hope peace prevails all over the world and the war is never fought again anywhere in this world.

I'll come up with the poetry book soon. Thanks for reminding me. I'll now do it soon and will dedicate it specially to you.

And I'm sorry I didn't get time to read your other articles. I was not well. I thought of taking a break but couldn't resist the urge to check the notifications. I'll read all your articles soon. You are wonderful writer....



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Abdul Kader

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