Embrace Boredom

Abdul Kader
2 min readMar 22, 2023

Start taking interest in all the mundane tasks this world has to offer

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Are you someone who constantly seeks entertainment and immediate gratification, or are you the one who loves to be bored often?

However, Being a boring person is quite difficult in today’s times.

When there are countless distractions competing for our attention.

Like Social Media

Video games


YouTube & porn

And there are loads of things that hijack our attention, easily consume our time and leave us feeling drained.

As a result,

YOU hardly have time for yourself

YOU get bored in MINUTES

YOU become restless when not using your phone

So much so that you find

Doing nothing or engaging with the world less stimulating.

Because you’re habitual to

Doing things that are easy to come

Things that are fast

Things that require no time

You are so addicted to instant gratification that you no longer possess the quality of being patient.

You kick start your bike so you can reach your destination super fast.

AND you never prefer to walk as it’s a slow process & time consuming or boring.

YOU have ditched boredom since long and have embraced a world of constant entertainment.

That’s the reason You’re day STARTS and ENDS with

Binge watching Youtube & Insta Reels

Scrolling Social media

Playing video games


YOU keep on entertaining yourself

YOU keep feeding dopamine

You keep yourself engaged round the clock

So it’s hard for you to engage in “boring” activities that are crucial for personal growth,

To succeed in life, it is important to cultivate a lifestyle that prioritizes mindful engagement with the world.

This may involve

Limiting phone and social media usage,

Reading more books,

Taking long walks,

or practicing meditation.

So change your lifestyle now.

Switch off your phone and go out

Meet the rising sun

Take a diary and pen along

Take notes

Talk to people




Start being a little boring from now.

Life isn’t solely meant for entertainment.

True fulfillment comes from the act of living and immersing oneself in variety of experiences.



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