A Therapist could Transform your Life

Abdul Kader
3 min readJun 28, 2021

Seeking help from a professional to counter your mental health issues isn’t that easy. Nobody gives the liberty to anyone, to just penetrate in his or her personal life. Even the thought of seeking a therapist would irritate you. And, you may be right. Why would you share your personal feelings and traumas with a stranger? And, you might feel uncomfortable and will be reluctant to share anything personal.

And you, like many others, decide to live with the pain. Sharing your struggle with anyone isn’t a great idea for anyone like you and me.

However, after much deliberation, you give it a thought. You are ready to seek professional help. You are open to suggestions and recommendations. After all, you want the best therapist, right?

But, before coming face-to-face with a therapist, a question would rattle around your skull.

“Should I trust a therapist?”

Yes, you can trust a therapist. In America alone, more than 10 million people seek a therapist every year. This isn’t a sign of weakness. It proves mental health is curable and therapists can be trusted with solving your mental health problems. A therapist is just like your friend. A friend you need when you are gripped in some severe situation. A situation as serious and as worst as deteriorating mental health. Your real friends and loved ones may brand you crazy. They may toss your feelings in the thrash. And even make you realize that mental illness is unreal.

But, mental illness is real. And it can be a lifelong struggle. You slip into depression. You lose control over your mind and thoughts. Some may even feel suicidal. Stress and anxiety may grip you frequently. Followed by some terrible panic attacks. Your mind is in never-ending chaos. Your professional and personal life is in a complete mess. You feel helpless, as you struggle with this, 24 hours a day.

And in such a situation you need a shoulder to cry. A friend to share your feelings. And, a friend, who you can rely on and blindly trust. But, a friend who understands your situation and gives a solution as well is a blessing. And you will find a friend like this in a therapist.

After all, to fix your life, all you need is just advice from a therapist.

And it’s a proven fact, therapists are good listeners. They patiently listen while you speak. You get the liberty to openly share your feelings. Disclose your past traumas. Share any guilt or pain that is bothering you. You can yell and scream as well. Be sure, the person on the opposite side wouldn’t react. Because, he is there to solve your problem, not to magnify it. He may not even blink. He will be focused and engrossed in your story. Your loved ones might feel irritated after a few seconds, but a therapist would patiently listen to you for hours. And that’s his job. And, he is damn good at it.

If you are eager to share your problems, he is ready with a solution. Without any further delay, consult a therapist soon. Take charge and change the course of your life. You will witness some drastic changes. So, consult a therapist and transform your life.



Abdul Kader

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