2020: End of the most beastly disgusting year of the century

Abdul Kader
4 min readJan 1, 2021


Are you ready to bid adieu 2020?

The most trying year of your life. Painful for all and disastrous for everyone. Wounds of which may take a long time to heal. Memories of which will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A year that we all want to forget really fast, a year we don’t want to remember, a year we want to completely erase from our life. And, most importantly, a year to which we’d like to say goodbye but without hugging.

The good news for all is that it is finally coming to an end. Today is 31 December. The last day of an asshole moron Year called 2020.

So, Goodbye 2020

We had enough of you. It’s time to relax, reflect & strongly cherish all the good memories you gave us for free. Though, bad ones exceed the good ones. All we can do is remember 2020 through rose-colored glasses stowed in your back pocket. PERIOD

But, I want to hug 2020 for many damn good reasons. Particularly this one. That can be crowned the best one. It separated us from our daily stressful life and moved us closer to our family. The quarantine period was annoying as well as frustrating but we had our families and loved ones around.

Breakfast or Lunch or a Dinner.

We were together. Enjoying those delicious meals and bonding over those perfect, bold and our favorite coffees of sweet flavors: A FAMILY that eats together bonds well.

Apart from mouthwatering food and hot coffee and some cool drinks, there were small tears, but big smiles and even bigger laughs.

And, how can I FORGET the universal medicine of care, comfort and cure: Real and tight hugs. 2020 gave us a chance to be with our dear ones and hug them as many times as we can: Thank you 2020 for bringing us together.

I apologize for hugging 2020!

There are so many stories about the quarantine period which we’d like to share with our future generations. Memories of which are etched in our hearts, minds and walls forever. There is a long list of tales worth telling our grandchildren. Quarantine was like a prison. A prison with all the facilities. And, our prison mates were no strangers: but our loved ones. Enjoying this sentence ordered by the god himself. How ladies were busy doing household chores. Men were tirelessly working from home. And a grand salute to all the working mothers and women. We all tried our best.

Parents too were worried but happy and assured. First time they got a chance to witness all the drama and chaos their children undergo while working from home. But they were happy seeing their children together under one roof after a long time.

It’s time to open the wonderful gift given to all of us by the God — Gift of gratefulness.

You were locked up in your house but were safe. You are breathing now. You are alive. Your lovely home is standing strong, your healthy family is smiling loudly, and a few dollars in your account is ready to get exchanged for your favorite brands or for some hot coffee. We all should be very grateful to God — Time to count our blessings!

My thoughts and prayers with each and everyone who largely or mildly suffered in 2020.

If you are alive and happy, then just pat on your back. You did a great job. You deserve it for standing and tolerating and surviving all the shit the pandemic has thrown at you. Assume the bad days are finally over. You have taken all the sucker punches courageously. Now, Smile and wear the glasses of hope as you enter the New Year 2021. As you cap off the disastrous year and suit up for a New Year, a year that we all know in our hearts will be slightly better and greatly perfect and largely Kind.

I try to approach each year keeping in mind the words Edith Lovejoy Pierce once wrote…

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity, and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

As you enter 2021, please remember to approach it as positively as you’ve approached all your previous years. Embrace it wholeheartedly. Enter it like a king entering his kingdom. A lion entering the jungle. Moreover, feel it the way a child feels in the lap of his mother. What I want to say is just step into 2021 as a newborn baby. Smiling and opening the eyes and seeing the world with a fresh perspective.

And again, remember life will be the same as it was before. Remove that extra weight from your shoulders. Live life to the fullest. Work hard to accomplish your goals. Work enough to have a few dollars in your bank account. Save a few bucks for the future. Tap on every opportunity to love and laugh and cherish and hang out with your family, friends and your loved ones. LIVE like there’s no tomorrow. Travel like a bird. Eat like a horse. Cook like a chef. Enjoy all the tasty stuff out there. And, regularly tickle your brain’s most addictive substance — Dopamine: by enjoying some hot cup of coffees. Say no to stress and all those fucking mental pauses that stop you from being happy. Remember, at the end of the day your happiness matters the most.

Live like you’ll get a dollar for every smile!

And that’s a damn good offer -

Ready to be a millionaire then.

Cheers, to all the lovely, lovely passengers boarding aircraft 2021 — Take off -



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